My name is Ben Hartman and I’m a freelance filmmaker based in Jamaica Plain, MA. Technically, I am also a graduate student, as I’m in the process of finishing my thesis film in the MFA Film Production program at Boston University, a short documentary on competitive lockpicking featuring one of the world’s best, Schuyler Towne of Somerville, MA.

Prior to my studies at BU, I did camera, sound, editorial, and production work on several modest documentary and educational video projects while working at Children’s Hospital Boston. Since I’ve been at BU I have found myself gravitating towards camerawork, editing, and documentary production. With that in mind, over the past year I completed an internship and operated camera at Northern Light Productions (a Boston-based documentary production company), done production work on an independent documentary about the El Sistema USA program in collaboration with at the New England Conservatory and the TED foundation, all while continuing to do freelance video work with various departments at Children’s Hospital Boston. During this most recent semester, my last in terms of classwork, I was a graduate assistant for professor Sam Kauffmann, a director of photography for three BU thesis films, and I also began production on my own thesis.

I love doing almost any kind of work related to film production. For my personal work, I’m drawn to documentaries because they allow me to exercise all of my filmmaking muscles. As a professional, I’m drawn to everything that has to do with the image, from doing camerawork during production to editing and color grading in post-production. If you think you would like to hire me for your production as a role-player to operate camera, edit, do color correction, etc…. or as an all-around filmmaker to create a short, high-end production on a limited budget, send me an email at hartmbe@gmail.com.

Beyond that, I hope you enjoy what you see here and keep coming back.



P.S. A note on the name: I picked this domain name because, well… I thought it was amusing and weirdly relevant… I’m from Indiana, i.e., a hoosier, I happen to be a big fan of philosophy, and homonyms* make me chuckle.

*Technically, Who-is-sure is not a homonym. That is, with a homonym the words have different meaning, but are spelled and pronounced the same. Who-is-sure/Hoosier, have a different meaning and different spelling, but the same pronunciation, which makes it a heterograph. A heterograph, like a homonym, is a subset of a homophone. Either way, I guess it applies… from Wikipedia: “In a looser non-technical sense, the term “homonym” can be used to refer to words that share the same spelling irrespective of pronunciation, or share the same pronunciation irrespective of spelling – in other words, they are homographs or homophones. In this sense, pairs such as row (propel with oars) and row (argument), and read (peruse) and reed (waterside plant), would also be homonyms.”

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